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PEI-Genesis is the world’s fastest assembler of precision connectors.

PEI partners with you from design to delivery – we design custom connector and cable solutions to meet your specific application requirements and then deliver with service, speed and a consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Challenge us to solve your most complex
interconnect problems.


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Wire Gauge Conversion Guide

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Need help with Wire Gauge and Contact conversions? Download our Quick and Easy Reference Guide for conversion of Wire Gauge (AWG) to Diameter (in./mm) and
Circular Mil Area (CMA)/mm2.

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Proprietary automation in mirrored factories around the world allows PEI to assemble, from one of the largest inventories of electronic components, according to customers’ specific requirements. PEI develops custom interconnect solutions that support the harsh environments of the aviation, energy, military, industrial, rail, medical sectors worldwide.

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