Circular Backshells

Available In Military And Commercial Specifications

PEI-Genesis carries circular connector backshells for assembly in just 48 hours from the brands you’re looking for, like Amphenol, TE Connectivity Raychem, Sunbank and Polamco. Circular Backshells are designed to provide support, protection and a finished appearance to connectors, whether they be in a harsh environment, in the box, or visible. Select from military or commercial specifications, environmental, non-environmental, environmental EMI/RFI and non-environmental EMI/RFI backshells, which do not require additional protection or strain relief mechanisms. Banding and crimp-ring style backshells require some additional protection, such as heat shrink boots, as determined by their specifications.

When choosing a backshell, keep in mind the type of connector you are using and its specifications. To start shopping for a backshell, select one of our design styles below. Contact us today to discuss your application and we can find the perfect backshell for you.

Circular Non-Environmental Backshells
Environmental Circular Backshells
EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Circular Backshells
EMI/RFI Non-Environmental
EMI/RFI Environmental Circular Backshells
EMI/RFI Environmental
Circular Grommet and Back Nuts
Nuts (including
Grommet and Back)
Circular Banding and Crimp-Ring Backshells
Banding and Crimp
Ring Backshells
Circular Shrink Boot Adapters
Shrink Boot Adapters
Circular Strain Reliefs
Strain Reliefs
Circular Pre-Shield Adapter
Pre-Shield Adapters
Circular Quick Clamps
Quick Clamps