SBE® SBX® Multipole Connectors

SBX: The addition of auxiliary positions to the SB® created the “Storage Battery Auxiliary” connector. Up to 8 auxiliary positions allow expanded capabilities for the Multipole family by allowing intelligent power switching, monitoring of battery charge status, and other signal functions to be integrated into a single connector.

SBE®: By modifying the SBX® housing the “Storage Battery European” connector was created. The SBE® housings are molded from a chemical resistant PBT resin and the SBE®320 features improved touch safety over the SBX®350 design.

Anderson SBE® 80 Multipole Connector
SBE® 80 Multipole
Anderson SBE® 160 Multipole Connector
SBE® 160 Multipole
Anderson SBE® 320 Multipole Connector
SBE® 320 Multipole
Anderson SBX® 175 Multipole Connector
SBX® 175 Multipole
Anderson SBX® 350 Multipole Connector
SBX® 350 Multipole


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