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Powerpole® Pak Connectors

Powerpole® Pak connector shells enclose stacked groupings of PP15-45 sized housings in a durable black shell for a finished connector appearance and additional features. Inline, panel mount, and blindmate configurations are available. Plug shells offer the option of integral latches and strain relief to help secure your connection.

  • Package Groupings of PP15-45 Connectors:
    Provides a finished appearance while protecting the individual connectors with an outer shell

  • Inline, Panel Mount, “T” or Blindmate Configurations:
    Allows one connection system to meet multiple needs

  • Optional Latching and Strain Relief:
    Secures your connection and wires
Anderson Powerpole® Pak Connector
Powerpole® Pak
Anderson Powerpole®
"T" Pak Connector
Anderson Blindmate Powerpole® Pak Connector
Blindmate Powerpole®