CINCH Connectors & CINCH Connector Assembly

Assembled in 48 Hours

PEI-Genesis is a value-added distributor for CINCH, a worldwide manufacturer of interconnect products. CINCH connectors are well-suited for the aerospace, military, and transportation markets.

CINCH is a multi-national manufacturer of a broad range of connectors and interconnect products. CINCH is a supplier of reliable, high quality standard products for use in a variety of industries. Those focus markets are the Transportation Market for which a number of leading edge connectors have been, and continue to be, developed, and the Telecom Market to which CINCH supplies various standard connectors as well as a number of new, higher speed devices consistent with the rapidly changing needs in this industry. CINCH is also a major supplier of connectors to the Mil/Aero Market with significant presence in the Commercial Aircraft industry, as well as in the Munitions, Missile, and Satellite Communications segments.

CINCH MIL-C-26500/BACC (Omega)
BACC (Omega) Series
CINCH D-Subminiatures/M24308
D-Subminiatures / M24308
CINCH Fibreco Connectors & Cable Assemblies
Fibreco Connectors
& Cable Assemblies
CINCH High Temperature Micro-D Connectors
High Temperature
Micro-D Connectors
CINCH Micro-D Connectors
Micro-D Connectors
CINCH ModICE Miniature Enclosure
ModICE Connector Enclosures