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Fibreco Expanded Beam Connectors & Termini

CINCH Fibreco’s expanded beam connectors offer high performance, flexible, cost-effective solutions to any critical harsh environment communication application. Their product offering includes, physical contact, rectangular and circular connectors, hybrid connectors with fibre and copper, media converters, harnesses, reels, and other active and passive devices. CINCH EBOSA™ (Expanded Beam Optical Sub-Assembly) expands and collimates the optical beam up to 2000 times the original beam size, making contaminants nearly benign to beam continuity and integrity. Their patented active alignment technology aligns a standard LC ferrule to CINCH’s EBOSA™ with ultra-high precision. This results in insertion loss and reflectance performance that meets the MIL-DTL-83526/20 & /21 specification and can exceed the specification for customer specific applications.

Expanded beam technology is easy to use and extremely durable, particularly in harsh environments such as aviation, medical devices, heavy industrial equipment, mining, military, seismic exploration systems, and more. PEI-Genesis offers Fibreco’s both multimode and singlemode cable from one to 16 optical channels.

For more information or for design support, contact your local PEI-Genesis office or our Technical Support Group.

CINCH Fibreco MINI Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector Series
CINCH Fibreco Junior MIL-DTL-93526 Style Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector
CINCH Fibreco Senior Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector
CINCH Fibreco MAXI Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector
CINCH Fibreco D38999* Series III (Derived) Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector
CINCH Fibreco F900 Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connector
CINCH Fibreco F960 Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors