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Polamco Micro-D Adapters & Protective Covers

Adapters & Protective Covers for Micro-D connectors

Polamco has further enhanced their comprehensive range of adapters and protective covers, with the introduction of their new and versatile range of rectangular backshells and protective covers to suit all standard options of the popular Micro-D family of miniature high density connectors.

These rectangular Micro-D accessories are machined in one piece from solid, providing robust protection and 360 degree screening with the minimum of weight and real-estate increase, which in particular will support their use in the most demanding of applications within the Defense, Aerospace, Communications and Industrial Electronics industries.

This comprehensive range provides all the standard shell sizes 9, 15, 21 25, 31, 37, 51 and 100, with options of shielded or non-shielded, straight, angled, extended, 2-part split and ultra low-profile forms. As with all Polamco backshells, materials and plating finishes can be specified to match the standard Micro-D connectors , while a wide choice of further material options may be specified to suit all types of application including, for instance, stainless steel, composite and nickel aluminium bronze, together with a comprehensive selection of plating finishes, such as non-magnetic nickel and gold for space applications.

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