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Micro-Miniature Circular Connectors

PEI-Genesis carries a range of military and commercial micro-miniature circular connectors for assembly in just 48 hours. Our micro-miniature connectors offer performance equivalent to their larger counterparts but with significant weight and size savings. This is ideal for applications where space is limited or a high-density connector is needed. These are particularly well-suited for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and soldier-worn or body-worn applications. They are also excellent for satellites and communications and surveillance equipment.

Whether operating at high altitudes or below the surface, the micro-miniature connector excels in harsh-environments. With several coupling methods, including threaded, bayonet, and push-pull, we have the connector you’re looking for from the brands you trust. We assemble Amphenol 2M, a 38999-derivative micro-miniature. We also stock ITT Cannon MKJ as well as other circular micro-miniatures such as Amphenol PCD SCE2/Terrapin.

Amphenol 2M Series
Amphenol 2M Series
Amphenol SCE2/Terrapin Series Connectors
Amphenol SCE2/Terrapin
ITT Cannon Trinity MKJ Series Micro-Miniature Circular Connectors
ITT Cannon Trinity
MKJ Series Micro-Miniature
Circular Connectors