Special Program for Connector Distributors | PEI-Genesis

Would you like to have 12 million more connector part numbers you can ship to your customers in two days? Over 2,500 distributors worldwide use our value-added products to instantly expand their portfolio.

PEI is a full-line, QPL approved, franchised value-added assembler for Amphenol connectors, ITT Cannon connectors, CINCH connectors, Deutsch Aerospace connectors, LEMO connectors, Anderson Power Products, and many other connector manufacturers.We build all of our connectors in twin DoD and QPL approved facilities using a world-class workforce, millions of dollars of proprietary automation, and an innovative TOC flow process that is the envy of the connector industry. Our $80 million of connector components coupled with our 48 hour build-ship commitment translates into hundreds of millions of dollars of finished connectors you can sell today.

We will treat you like a customer, not a competitor.

At PEI-Genesis, we are serious about distribution. PEI has a dedicated team of salespeople and applications engineers focused exclusively on your needs. Our distribution connector team is hermetically sealed from our normal sales branch system and exists solely to help you win the business. We have the largest connector component inventory in the world and we can assemble your order faster than anyone - 48 hours or less - regardless of your order size.

Over the years we have discreetly become the production engine behind numerous web-based specialist distributors. We provide special packaging; secure and confidential drop shipments to your customers, web based tools, and other services - all available ala-cart to fit your unique needs.

Try us. We want to delight you.

We understand that you have a unique market position, special relationships with your customers, and tailored needs. We are ready to help. Plug into our vast resources and instantly expand your connector portfolio and your technical capabilities. Engage with PEI. Our dedicated distribution team will treat you like a valued customer, not a competitor.

For a personal introduction to PEI-Genesis Distribution, contact our Distribution Sales Manager: