Artesyn Embedded Technologies External Adapter

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, produces a growing range of external AC-DC power adapters. These products are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' range of external AC-DC power adapters extends from 2 watts to 100 watts and offers a wide choice of output voltage options, including triple output configurations. All of these power adapters feature wide-range AC inputs, comprehensive overload protection and built-in EMI filtering. There are plug-in wall-mount as well as freestanding units.

Many Artesyn Embedded Technologies' external freestanding power adapters offer a choice of a 2- or 3-pin AC input receptacle for class I or class II applications. They allow AC input cables to suit an AC input connector appropriate to the region of the world in which the adapter is intended to be used. Note that the AC input cables themselves are not provided. All the power adapters feature extensive safety approvals, some including medical approvals.

Not sure what you need? One of our engineers will be happy to help you to select the solution for your application.

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