Artesyn Embedded Technologies LCM Series

Continuous, bulk front end AD-DC embedded power

PEI-Genesis now offers Artesyn Embedded Technologies', formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, LCM series as part of their Value-Added capabilities for modified power supplies. Featuring high build quality with robust screw terminals, long life and typical full-load efficiency of greater than 91%, these units are ideal for use in industrial and medical applications. They are backed by a comprehensive set of industrial and medical safety approvals and certificates. Variable-speed ‘Smart Speed’ fans draw on software controls developed by Artesyn Embedded Technologies to match the fan’s speed to the unit’s cooling requirement and load current giving you complete control over your power supply’s ability to perform longer. This power supply is ideal for rugged, non-environmental applications in the industrial, medical, military, and entertainment systems.

Not sure if your application would benefit from an LCM Series bulk front end AC-DC single output power supply? Contact us today. Speak with one of our Engineers to find the right power supply for your application today. We’ll work with you from conception to shipment and have your order ready within 5 days.

Artesyn LCM300 Bulk Front End AC-DC Single Output Power Supply
LCM300 Series
Artesyn LCM600 Bulk Front End AC-DC Single Output Power Supply
LCM600 Series
Artesyn LCM1500 Bulk Front End AC-DC Single Output Power Supply
LCM1500 Series
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