Artesyn Embedded Technologies Full Brick

Artesyn Embedded Technologies', formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, 1,600 watt full-brick power factor correction series, the AIF04ZPFC, has full-featured modules that include monitoring, protection and adjustment capabilities, as well as communication facilities for use when storing valuable end-user information.

The series is designed for use with high voltage DC-DC converters. It enable users to build complete high performance, low profile power supplies, with minimal non-recurring engineering costs and fast turnaround. The modules present a unity power factor to the incoming ac mains supply and accommodate a wide 85 to 264 VAC input range. It can also be configured to accept a DC input within the range 120 to 370 VDC. The AIF04ZPFC series has a high conversion efficiency of up to 95% and produce a typical output of 380 VDC.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' PFC modules feature accurate current sharing for parallel operation. The AIF04ZPFC-02L module is designed for parallel operation above 16 A, and requires external rail rectifiers.

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Artesyn AIF04ZPFC

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