Artesyn Embedded Technologies Three Quarter Brick Power Factor Correction Modules

Artesyn Embedded Technologies', formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, AIT00ZPFC (150 watt) and AIT02ZPFC (720 watt) are three quarter-brick power factor correction modules, designed for use with high voltage DC-DC converters. These modules present a near unity power factor to the incoming power line, and generates a typical output of 393 VDC, which is intended for feeding to one or more high voltage DC-DC converters for further down-conversion to the low voltages required by the application. This fully modular approach enables users to build complete high performance, low profile power supplies, with minimal non-recurring engineering costs and fast turnaround. Featuring high reliability and convenient control and monitoring functions, these modules comply with RTCA- DO-160 avionics standard and IEC1000-3-2 harmonics emission standard.

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Artesyn AIT00ZPFC
(150 watt)
Artesyn AIT02ZPFC
(720 watt)

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