Artesyn Embedded Technologies Supply Racks

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, produces three series of shelf racks allowing multiple units to be designed into a high power capacity system. These racks allow for complete system power outputs ranging anywhere from 1,400 watts to up to 36,000 watts fully populated and depending on configuration options. All models are 1U or 19-inch racks and can support multi-rack paralleling systems.

The HPR1 can be configured with up to 4 HPS35s for 1,400 watts of clean bulk DC power. The HPR12K when combined with 4 HPS3000s produces 12,000 watts of total output power. Multi-rack paralleling is supported with the HPR12K.

The UFR can support up to three units of UFEs for a total output of 6,000 watts. In addition, up to 6 racks can be paralleled together allowing for a maximum power system of 36,000 watts.

Artesyn HPS3000
Artesyn HP35
Artesyn UFE1300/2000/UFR6000
UFE1300/2000 / UFR6000
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