Artesyn Embedded Technologies FPGA Power Solutions

Design engineers are attracted to FPGA modules because of their programming flexibility. They allow you to easily change your product as end user needs change. Designed for FPGA applications, Artesyn Embedded Technologies', formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, modules provide FPGA designers with the following benefits not found in analog or non-FPGA developed solutions:

Artesyn FPGA Power Solutions

Flexibility - As your power needs change, you can program power input and output to match your changing needs. Change your power design without changing your power supply. In fact, for most Artesyn Embedded Technologies FPGA power solutions are plug compatible which means a major change in your power needs can be addressed by simply removing one power supply and plugging in one with greater power output.

Reduced time to Market - Analog power supplies require multiple steps to define, procure, test, and finalize your power solution... and, if there is a change, you start over. With an Artesyn Embedded Technologies FPGA solution, you estimate your power needs, PEI finds the best power solution for your needs.

FPGA Partnerships - Artesyn Embedded Technologies' programmable FPGA solutions have been developed in partnership with some of the world's largest FPGA chip manufacturers. Artesyn Embedded Technologies worked with them to find the best matches between their FPGA chips and their power needs and are working with them to develop design software, boards, and other tools to better allow designers to create integrated power - FPGA solutions in their new product designs.

Lower Total Cost - While programmable power solutions cost a little more to purchase, they quickly recover this investment through lower costs throughout the life cycle of the product. You reduce the number of steps required to integrate a power solution into your new design, can flexibly alter the power dimensions as your user needs change, and have plug compatibility if major changes are needed on your FPGA board.

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