Artesyn Embedded Technologies Eighth-Brick Isolated DC-DC Converters

Artesyn Embedded Technologies', formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, comprehensive range of Eighth-Brick Isolated DC-DC Converters includes models that are capable of delivering up to 50 A output current. All the converters have a standard 2.3 x 0.9 inch footprint. There are two power hierarchies to maximize user choice: a low power range which covers up 80 watts, and a high power range which extends to 120 watts. Encompassing a wide range of output voltages from 1.2 VDC to 12 VDC, the eighth-brick portfolio provides a choice of 24 VDC or 28 VDC inputs, through-hole or surface-mount termination, and low profile open-frame or baseplate construction.

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Artesyn AEO
Artesyn ALO
Artesyn ALO20F36
Artesyn LES A
Artesyn LES A - 24V Input
LES A – 24V Input
Artesyn LES B

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