Low Cost, EZ-Grip Coupling Nuts

  • Are you using a reverse bayonet connector?
  • Are you having trouble coupling the parts together?
  • Are you using the connectors with protective gloves?
  • Are the connectors in a tight space where it is hard to grip?
  • Are your connectors damaged frequently, due to abuse dropping on the ground?
  • Are you looking for a covered plug less expensive than rubber?

    Then the low-cost EZ-Grip Coupling Nut is the solution. It has a larger, more robust, easier to grip area. EZ-Grips provide drop protection that prolongs the life of your connector. And, they are ribbed so that it can be easily gripped, especially in small areas.

    The EZ-Grip Coupling Nut is readily available from stock components in shell sizes from 10SL thru 24.
  • Features/Benefits

    Easy Grip
    * Drop Protection
    * Pricing difference only 20% more than typical coupling nut