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  • 5 DAY TURNAROUND FOR MODIFIED STANDARD OR CUSTOM POWER SUPPLIES. Need a qualification sample of your power supply in just 24 hours or your modified standard power supplies built, tested and shipped in five days?

  • We assemble, test and provide modular configurable power supplies, AC-DC converters, open frame power , external desktop power supplies and more. Medical, industrial, aviation, energy, IT, military – WHATEVER YOUR APPLICATION, WE HAVE THE POWER SUPPLIES YOU NEED.

  • THROUGH OUR IN-HOUSE QUALIFICATION AND TESTING PROGRAMS we allow our customers to enjoy shorter development cycles. In addition, we test all products we design and assemble 100% at load prior to shipment via our Chroma 8000 ATE capable of 7K watts and 24-outputs.

  • WE COMBINE MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES WITH DISTRIBUTION FLEXIBILITY, allowing us to customize power products in just five days with no MOQs. Our world-class facility is certified for UL, VDE, TUV, CSA, and PSE as well as ISO 9001:2008 for manufacturing and design.

  • WE HAVE A TEAM OF EXPERIENCED POWER APPLICATION AND DESIGN ENGINEERS who are ready to help with your toughest design challenges.


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