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PEI-Genesis is a distributor specializing in the design and assembly of connectors, power supplies, and cable assemblies for harsh environments. PEI can assemble a range of ruggedized and reliable connectors and power supplies for the railway market, RoHS-compliant and fully compliant with railway standards as well as fire & smoke requirements.

Since 1946, PEI-Genesis has been a trusted resource for major railway equipment manufacturers, their subcontractors, and signaling and infrastructure companies.

Our Amphenol, ITT Cannon, VEAM, HARTING, and Anderson Power Products connectors are designed to integrate new functions such as Ethernet network, weight reduction, mixed signal-power and comply with environmental protection standards. Across a range of inter-connect and power solutions, we offer the ideal mix of technology, safety, reliability and cost.

Our solutions are mainly used in:

  • Data transmission along the train and tracks

  • Passenger rolling stock equipment such as brakes, air-conditioning, entertainment, controls, and door systems

  • Signaling systems

  • Inter-vehicle and bogies

  • Inside vehicle systems such as door automation, lights, seat equipment, driver control

  • Power transmission on locomotive and traction systems

PEI has a wide portfolio of off-the-shelf power products as well as the ability to offer full custom solutions from brands like Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, and Excelsys that are suited for your rail power needs. Our Artesyn Embedded Technologies line of DC/DC converters are designed specifically to bring DC power to all aspects of railway applications. Rail power specifically needs to stand up to harsh environments and heavy vibration applications. Our 72VDC power solutions are used on many applications within the rail industry. These applications include:

  • Door controls

  • Communications

  • Ticketing machines

  • Internal/external lighting
  • Computer systems

  • Point of sale systems

  • Security systems

Our AC/DC product offerings include configurable power supplies such as the Excelsys XGen series and the Artesyn Embedded Technologies uMP, iMP and iVS series. They can withstand temperatures anywhere from -55C to +70C and can deliver power from 200 watts to 5000 watts.

In addition, PEI’s team of engineers can help you accelerate your time to market on your new product developments within the Railway industry. Whether it is on-board or track-side, we have the products and technical support to help.