Home Brochures Cable Assembly Cookbook PDF Library
Cookbook Intro (pgs1-6)Image
How to Use This Cookbook (pgs 2-3)Image

Assembly Instructions
Menu A - Unshielded with Heat Shrink Boot or Tubing (pgs 7-10)Image
Menu B - EMI/RFI Shielded with Heat Shrink Boot or Tubing (pgs 11-14)Image
Menu C - Grounded with Heat Shrink Boot or Tubing (pgs 15-18)Image
Menu D - Conduit with Heat Shrink Boot or Tubing (pgs 19-22)Image
Menu E - Expando Braided Sleeve Protections (pgs 23-26)Image
Menu F - Unshielded with Cord Grip (pgs 27-30)Image
Menu G - EMI/RFI Shielded with Cord Grip (pgs 31-34)Image
Menu H - Sealed Flexible Conduit (pgs 35-38)Image
Repair Information
How to fix Unshielded Cable (39-42)Image
Ingredients for Connector & Endbell Solutions
Cookbook 5015 Series (pgs 43-96)Image
Cookbook AIT (pgs 43-54)Image
Cookbook CT (pgs 55-68)Image
Cookbook AIB (pgs 69-82)Image
Cookbook CB (pgs 83-96)Image
Cookbook 26482 Series (pgs 97-176)Image
Cookbook KPT (pgs 97-104)Image
Cookbook PT (pgs 105-112)Image
Cookbook KPSE (pgs 113-122)Image
Cookbook PTS (pgs 123-134)Image
Cookbook 62GB (pgs 135-146)Image
Cookbook 26482-SII (pgs 147-158)Image
Cookbook Trident (pgs 159-176)Image
Cookbook 38999 Series (pgs 177-212)Image
Cookbook 38999 S-I (pgs 177-188)Image
Cookbook 38999 S-II (pgs 189-200)Image
Cookbook 38999 S-III (pgs 201-212)Image
Accessories & Side Dishes  
Flexible Braiding Sleeving (pgs 214-221)Image
Wrap Around Sleeving (pgs 222-225)Image
Flexible Braiding Shielding Sleeving (pg 226)Image
Heat Shrink Tubing (pg 227)Image
Specialty Heat Shrink Tubing (pg 228)Image
Heat Shrink Transitions (pg 229)Image
Cord Grips (pgs 230-235)Image
Conduit & Adapters (pgs 236-242)Image
Potting Compounds & Tools (pgs 243-245)Image
Tapes (pgs 246-247)Image
Terminals & Lugs (pgs 248-249)Image 
Cable Ties (pg 250)Image 
Tools (pgs 251-253)Image 
Shopping Lists & Reference Tips  
Menus A, B, C (pg 5)Image
Menu D (pg 6)Image
Menu E (pg 7)Image
Menus F & G (pg 8)Image
Menu H (pg 9)Image
Receptacle Assembly (pg 10)Image
Sure Seal, Jacketed Cable (pg 11)Image
Sure Seal, Hook-Up Wire (pg 12)Image
Overmold Guidelines (pgs 262-263)Image

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