We have developed a range of inventory management solutions to help you better manage your inventory, reduce your lead times and save you money. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these solutions, please contact your local sales branch today.




You don’t want to hold a lot of inventory, because it’s a risk to your bottom line, because you experience ECN’s that lead to part obsolescence, or maybe both!

JIT (Just-in-Time) Delivery
We understand that inventory can be a bad word. We can reduce your risk by holding inventory for you. We are the experts in rapid component modification, and since we have to build and ship parts so quickly, we don’t hold finished goods – we stock component parts and build each product to-order. This gives us the flexibility to provide the exact part you need, right when you need it. This also protects you from obsolescence that can be caused by ECNs. If you’re holding your own inventory or have an in-plant store solution, each time a design changes, the finished parts on your shelves become unusable. Since we aren’t holding the finished good, if your design changes, we simply change the assembly of the component parts.

You no longer need to keep a large inventory of finished parts to shorten lead time. Let us hold the inventory for you! With 48 hour turnaround on custom connectors, we can support JIT delivery better than anyone else. And since we assemble the parts when you need them exactly the way you need them, we can eliminate your risk of obsolesce.

You can’t wait for long lead times and want reserve inventory that’s ready for you.

Bonded Inventory
You may be considering an in-plant store or a shared pool of inventory to ensure that you have parts when you need them. These solutions will still be affected by obsolescence caused by ECNs and don’t fully protect your supply chain. Our bonded inventory program will allocate inventory for you, not a shared pool, based on your forecasts. Your bonded parts will be available for JIT release.

Have the peace of mind of knowing that the parts you need are here for you, ready for quick delivery when you need them.

You need to place or track an order, but it’s outside of normal business hours.

MyPEI Webstore Account
With a MyPEI account, you can shop online 24/7, but it’s much more than just an e-store. MyPEI will sync to your offline account’s pricing and terms, allow you to track your order’s status across our assembly floor, view real-time availability and lead times, and review your order history.

You can shop or track an order with us anytime, from anywhere.

You don’t have time to manually process order paperwork or correct mistakes made by manual entry.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
By automating the most common transactions through EDI, we can speed up your order process and reduce the errors associated with manual entry by a vendor –take control of the order entry to ensure accuracy. We can also share changes automatically.

We can automate:

  • Invoice
  • RFQs
  • Purchase orders (POs)
  • PO acknowledgements
  • PO changes
  • PO change acknowledgements

Click to learn more about EDI.

Have the peace of mind of knowing that the parts you need are here for you, ready for quick delivery when you need them.

  • Fewer errors and improved quality
  • Faster data sharing, transactions and order processing, which will improve your inventory performance
  • Increased productivity through reduced administrative tasks for your employees, allowing them to focus on more mission-critical assignments
  • Changes, such as ship dates, are automatically shared across systems

You aren’t sure which inventory solution is right for your business.

Supply Chain Analysis
We will send someone out to your facility to get a better understanding of your needs and business cycle to help determine the best inventory solution for you.

You will have the perfect service or combination of services to keep your business running smoothly.