Home Videos How do you outgas a connector?

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How can a connector operate in a vacuum (i.e. space, medical or scientific vacuums)? The answer is outgassing; a process used to make connectors suitable for use in aerospace and satellite operations. Connector outgassing speeds the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by baking them out of the connector, resulting in a finished product per NASA, ESA or military specifications. So why is outgassing so important? Even materials not normally considered absorbent can release molecules that can interfere with industrial or scientific vacuum processes. This action can quickly degrade equipment and jeopardize performance, but becomes especially cumbersome when it obscures optical elements or energy-generating solar cells.

Fortunately, you do not need to redesign your application to accommodate outgassed connectors. PEI has the capability to outgas in 4 hours with our vacuum ovens. You can still expect your fully outgassed connector to ship in 48 hours. Each outgassed connector is tested, and its reports shipped with the connector, so you can be sure your order from PEI-Genesis will perform exactly as expected.