Abbotec Connector Nutplates

For over fifteen years, Abbotec has been a supplier of connector nutplates for both military and automotive applications. Precision built, using only top quality PEM® fasteners, Abbotec Nutplates provide significant labor savings when used to hold locknuts in place while installing flanged electrical connectors, motors, synchros, instruments and/or shock mounts.

Designed as a means to aid in the installation of mil-spec electrical connectors, Abbotec connector nutplates meet all of the configuration requirements of MIL-C-85409. In particularly difficult and dense packaging, as is required in many electronic boxes and/or aircraft bulkhead installations, Abbotec connector nutplates provide that additional measure of reliability knowing that no loose hardware can fall into unsuspecting areas to later cause possible equipment failure. Add to that the labor savings from not having to deal with the individual loose hardware and Abbotec nutplates pay great dividends to your bottom line.

Metric threaded nutplates are also available.