Brexit FAQ’s

Q: Is PEI-Genesis set up with an EORI number?

A: Yes, our EORI number is GB #683594194 000

Q: Does PEI-Genesis have AEO status?

A: Yes, PEI-Genesis has AEO status.

Q: Has PEI-Genesis prepared for changes to Tariffs?

A: At this time, we have anticipated the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit with regards to tariffs. However, we will not be able to confirm anything until we have a clear understanding of the final outcome on or around 1 January 2021.

Q: Has PEI-Genesis prepared for potential changes to customs procedures?

A: Yes, PEI-Genesis has taken steps to ensure the transition to export goods post-Brexit will go smoothly. We have achieved this by ensuring our paperwork is complete with all relevant information related to customs. PEI-Genesis is able to approach this potential issue from a position of strength, as we already export globally.

Q: Has PEI-Genesis taken extra steps to ensure export staff is knowledgeable?

A: Yes, all trade compliance department members are currently completing level 5 foundation degrees in advanced customs and compliance. This, alongside many other globally recognized qualifications and webinars that are attended to ensure our knowledge is up to date and relevant.

Q: Does PEI-Genesis Anticipate any issues relating to delivery/export from a logistics standpoint?

A: No, we are working very closely with our chosen carrier to ensure there will be no delays for our customers.

Q: Does PEI-Genesis anticipate any issue relating to importing goods?

A: No, we are working with our supplier base to ensure all the relevant paperwork is in place in order to import our goods as smoothly as possible.

Q: What percentage of PEI-Genesis suppliers are based in the EU?

A: Approximately 37%.

Q: Does PEI-Genesis have a plan if there is a disruption to the supply chain from a European supplier?

A: Yes, PEI-Genesis has a flexible supplier base that can be utilized in the event of any disruption.

Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions.