Circular Banding & Crimp Ring Backshells

Terminate Over-All Cable Types And Harness Shields/Screens

Circular banding and crimp ring backshells are lightweight, designed for a wide range of qualified products and are compatible with major connector standards. These backshells also provide an economical way to terminate over-all cable types and harness shields/screens. PEI-Genesis carries banding and crimp ring backshells from industry leaders such as Amphenol and Sunbank by Eaton.

Banding backshells are appropriate where future repairability or maintainability will be necessary; crimp ring backshells are ideal terminations when future maintenance is not required. Either a banding or crimp ring backshell is needed to terminate shield/screens in conjunction with heat-shrink boots. The crimp ring is crimped over the rear shell body using an appropriate tool. Bands are tempered and then tightened over the shield, which is then pulled over the banding area using special assembly tools. Both styles utilize industry-standard bands or crimp rings for full 360-degree shield/screen termination with the lowest DC resistance available.

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