Polamco Micro-D Adapters & Protective Covers

Polamco Backshells, Micro-D Adapters & Protective Covers


PEI-Genesis offers a range of Polamco rectangular backshells and protective covers to suit all standard options of the Micro-D family. These Micro-D accessories are machined in one piece from solid, resulting in the lightweight 360-degree screening ideal for use in the most demanding applications such as Defense, Aerospace, Communications and Industrial Electronics industries. All standard shell sizes 9 through 100 available with options of shielded or non-shielded, straight, angled, extended, 2-part split and ultra low-profile forms. Materials and plating finishes to suit all types of applications including stainless steel, composite and nickel aluminum bronze. Optional plating finishes include non-magnetic nickel and gold for space applications.