RJ45 Connectors (Cat5e/Cat6e)

PEI-Genesis assembles RJ45 connectors from leading manufacturers like Amphenol, Polamco, and Sure-Seal. These connector series are all excellent options for applications where environmental exposure is a concern, helping to protect against EMI/RFI interference and maintain proper ground connection. They are qualified up to IP68 to protect against water and dust contamination, and certain options are flame retardant with a UL 94 rating.

Sure-Seal’s RJ45 connectors are available with Category 5e (Cat5e) Ethernet cable assemblies, while Polamco’s RJ45 connectors are compatible with Category 6a (Cat6e) assemblies. A number of body materials and plating options are available. Our stock of RJ45 connectors are primarily suited for industrial communication applications in harsh environments.

Our team of expert engineers can help you figure out the right RJ45 connector for your application. Contact our sales support or design engineering team to discuss your custom configuration.