TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connectors

TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connectors have been a well-known industry standard for more than 70 years, and are designed to withstand the most extreme and harshest of environments, such as those found in commercial aviation, aerospace and military applications. TE Connectivity Ltd (NYSE: TEL), a worldwide technology leader, acquired Deutsch Group SAS, one of the top manufacturers of high-performance electrical and fibre optic connectors, in 2012.

The TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connector portfolio is vast, including popular circular connectors like D38999 (metal and composite) and MIL-DTL-83723, plus engine connectors EN2997/BACC63, ARINC connectors and a range of contacts. PEI carries all of these lines and more.

PEI-Genesis Assembles Custom TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connectors

PEI-Genesis is an authorized value-add distributor of TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connectors and contacts. By stocking the component parts for each connector and assembling at the time of order using proprietary machinery and software, we’re able to meet your exact specifications and build and ship TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connectors in just 48 hours. Plus, we’re the only TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connector distributor approved to value-add EN2997/983 engine connectors.

Our unique model allows us to deliver exactly the part you need, built to meet your specific requirements, and do so much more quickly than anyone in the industry. We never require minimum order quantity, so if you need just one connector, you’ll get it in 48 hours.

If you are sourcing connectors for aerospace applications, we are able to fully outgas TE Connectivity DEUTSCH connectors in just 4 hours, using our in-house outgassing oven. Our outgassing process meets all required NASA specifications.

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For detailed product information, please click on any of the Deutsch connector series above or view our TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Solutions Guide. Want to speak to an expert? You can contact our sales support or design engineering team, who will be happy to answer your questions.