TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 2 or 4 Way Module ARINC 809 / EN4165 Connector

TE DEUTSCH DMC-M 2 or 4 Way Module ARINC 809 / EN4165


The TE Connectivity DEUTSCH DMC-M is standardized by European Specification EN4165 / ARINC 809. The DMC-M 2 or 4 Way Module is a rectangular modular connector offering inherent flexibility, space/weight savings and robustness. In addition, this product offers composite housings, aluminum wire capability and shunting configurations. The modularity of the DMC-M EN4165 / ARINC 809 connector makes building part numbers from a set of standard elements possible. You can develop designs for special applications by modifying housing. DMC-M EN4165 / ARINC 809 housings are available in aluminum alloy or composite, and nickel or cadmium plating finishes to resist severe environments. Screening and electromagnetic protection is guaranteed 360 degrees around. Designed with a lightweight material and metal plating, the 2 or 4 Way Module DMC-M EN4165 / ARINC 809 is ideal for weight and mass saving.