TE Deutsch 369 Series BACC63 Connectors

TE DEUTSCH 369 Series BACC63 Connectors


TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 series BACC63 connectors offer high reliability in a compact, lightweight, fully sealed and cost-effective composite design. Approved to meet Boeing BACC63 specifications, the 369 series are ideal for aerospace applications, particularly in commercial aircraft cabin systems. These BACC63 connectors are available in 3, 6 and 9 contacts. AS39029 contacts can be extracted/reinserted using standard tooling. Cable installation and maintenance is made simple with color-coded keying options, and a scoop-proof design prevents damage and permits mating in low visibility.

369 Series Full Datasheet
369 Series Tech Specs
369 Series Create P/N
369 Series Contacts & Tooling
369 Series Dimensions
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