TE Deutsch 369 Series BACC63 Connectors

TE DEUTSCH 369 Series BACC65 Aerospace Connectors


TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 series BACC65CP and BACC65CR connectors offer high reliability in a compact, lightweight, fully sealed and cost-effective composite design. This series of connectors was developed for applications where fewer contacts are needed and shielding is not necessary.

Approved to meet Boeing BACC65 specifications, the 369 series are ideal for aerospace applications, particularly in commercial aircraft cabin systems, power seat distribution, interior cabin power distribution, oxygen box, flight control unit, radars and more. These BACC63 connectors are available in 3, 6 and 9 contacts. AS39029 contacts can be extracted/reinserted using standard tooling. Cable installation and maintenance is made simple with color-coded keying options, and a scoop-proof design prevents damage and permits mating in low visibility.

369 Series Full Datasheet
369 Series Tech Specs
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369 Series Contacts & Tooling
369 Series Dimensions
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