What is MyPEI?

MyPEI is your personalized e-commerce version of peigenesis.com. Once you have registered and logged into the site, MyPEI reconfigures the site so that you see your pricing structure, purchase history, product details and preferences.

Your account details can be accessed using MY ACCOUNT at the top of the screen (this option only appears after you have logged in).

My Account


MY ACCOUNT allows you to view your orders, track shipments, view purchase history, print or email invoice copies, and much more.

MyPEI is part of our integrated worldwide network. No matter what method you use to place orders (Web, fax, telephone, or EDI), all of your order details can be accessed in MyPEI from anywhere in the world at any time.

My Account Options

My company already has a PEI-Genesis trade account. Can I use my Company’s Trade Account to order on-line?

Yes, but we must confirm your identity before you can log into your company's account. When you create a new account on MyPEI, select "Create a new user on an existing account" during the log-in process. If you already have an existing MyPEI individual account and would like to have your username connected to your company account, you must contact your local PEI sales office for assistance. They will have this connection made for you once we have confirmed your identity.

You have two options when creating a new account. You can setup an individual account, or you can connect your username to your company's PEI-Genesis trade account.  To connect to your company account, choose "Create a new user on an existing account" during the log-in process. Your company's data is confidential. Before you can log in using your company’s credentials we require that you confirm your identity. This will delay your ability to log into MyPEI immediately after initial registration.


New Customer Log In Option


Why the delay?

After you register as an "existing customer", an email request is automatically sent to your PEI Branch Manager informing the manager that you would like to be connected to your company profile. Your PEI Branch Manager will confirm your identity, in most cases you will be contacted at the phone number you provided during registration. In all cases we will attempt to honor connection requests quickly (normally within 24 hours on business days). If you wish to buy immediately with a credit card, choose the option "Create a new account" to create an individual account. That account will immediately be active.

If you decide later that you would like a connection to your company account, contact your PEI salesperson or Branch Manager at your local PEI sales office to have your username linked to your company account. You can have both an Individual and a multiple company accounts connected to your username if you choose. Verification of your identity is required for all company connections and will usually take 24 business hours.

I am a US tax exempt customer, how do I declare this?

You can only declare this by providing us with a valid Tax Exemption Form in writing

Listed below are states in which PEI-Genesis has nexus (where we require a tax exemption form). Click on the appropriate State link below to download an exemption form for your State.

IMPORTANT: All orders shipped into any of the states listed below will be taxed until we receive your completed exemption form.  If you are in the process of checking-out, and you do not want to be charged tax, save your shopping cart and send your tax exempt form as listed in the instructions in the next paragraph. If you do not have your own form, please download the appropriate form below and complete it. The exemption document can be filled out directly on the form, however you must print the form and have it signed by an officer of your company. Fax the signed form to "Credit Manager" at 215-673-1514 or email to [email protected]. For assistance, call 215-673-0400  8:30am to 5pm ET (GMT -5).  We will notify you when your exemption is loaded.  At that point you can retrieve your shopping cart and complete the check out process.

To learn how to save your shopping cart, see the FAQ "Can I save my shopping cart and complete my order later?"

US Sales Tax Exempt Forms

ConnecticutImage FloridaImage GeorgiaImage IllinoisImage
IndianaImage MarylandImage MichiganImage MinnesotaImage
MissouriImage New YorkImage OhioImage PennsylvaniaImage
South CarolinaImage TennesseeImage TexasImage Washington St.Image
Washington St.

If you have shipments going to more than one state, it may be easier to fill out a multi-jurisdictional form. Please note that Indiana and New York State do not accept the multi-jurisdictional form and we must ask you to fill out individual forms for these states.

Multijurisdiction Uniform Tax Exempt CertificateImage (most popular version of form)

Multijurisdiction Exempt FormImage

I am a EC customer with a VAT number, how do I declare this online?

There are two ways to load your VAT Number.

1. Update your Profile - Once you have created a MyPEI account, log in, the select "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of any screen. Choose "Edit my Addresses" on the left menu.  You can add your VAT number to the appropriate delivery address(es). If a VAT number is already loaded, and you wish to change it, you must contact your local salesperson.

2. During Checkout - If you are shipping within the EU, MyPEI will determine if you have a VAT number loaded.  If you do not have VAT number loaded for your shipping address, MyPEI will alert you that you will be charged VAT.  A link will be provided to your profile where you can load your VAT number (the link is called "Manage Addresses").  The first checkout panel also gives you the option of adding a new address for the specific order you are creating (along with a VAT number).

How we charge VAT: We ship all EU customers from Southampton UK. If your delivery address is inside the UK, UK VAT will be charged (unless you are exempt).  If you are shipping outside the UK, but within the EU, you will not be charged VAT if you have a valid VAT number loaded for your delivery address, otherwise UK VAT will be charged.

If you have questions contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 844 871 6060 from 8:30am to 5pm. GMT

Can I register and order on-line if I don't have a PEI-Genesis trade account?

Yes. To place an order, choose the LOGIN option at the top right. Select "Create a new account" and fill in the required fields.  Registration is quick and easy. You can also register inside the Shopping Cart if you have selected items to buy.

Once you have logged in a MY ACCOUNT option will appear at the top of the screen.  This option will allow you to change your account details and preferences.


New Customer Log In Option

How do I apply for a PEI-Genesis trade account and how long does it take to open?

Trade accounts are generally opened the same day; however, please allow up to 48 hours.

Send all completed Credit Applications to:
Credit Manager
PEI-Genesis Corporate Headquarters
2180 Hornig Road
Philadelphia, PA 19116 USA
Phone: +1 215-673-0400
Fax: +1 215-673-2814

Download a PDF for the Credit Application and/or Terms of Agreement for your country:

US Application For Credit:
North American Application for CreditImage
North American Terms and ConditionsImage

European Application For Credit:
European Credit ApplicationImage
UK/Europe Terms of AgreementImage
France Terms and Conditions (en français) Image

IRS Form W 9

W 9 Form PEI-GenesisImage

If you have questions or need help, contact: [email protected]. To contact us by phone, call (001) 215-673-0400 ET (GMT -5). In Europe call +44 (0) 844 871 6060.

Where can I find my PEI-Genesis account number?

After you log in select the MY ACCOUNT option at the top of the screen.  Then select “Edit My Profile” on the left menu.

This opens the “Edit Account Details” panel. Your active PEI-Genesis account number is shown at the bottom of the screen.  Note that you may have access to more than one account although only one can be active.  For example, you may have a personal account and you may also have access to your company’s account. Alternatively your company may have more than one account with PEI-Genesis to control special pricing or other features.

If you have more than one account you can switch to that account by selecting “Switch Accounts” on the left menu and selecting the alternate account. Once you have made your selection, MyPEI gives you access to all authorized features for the selected account. Only accounts to which you have authority will appear on the selection list.


Edit Account Details Page

How do I change my account preferences?

Log in (top right), then select the MY ACCOUNT option at the top of the screen. Then select "Edit My Profile" on the left menu.

Make your changes.

Hit the "Save Account Details" button to confirm your changes.

Changing Account Preferences

What are MyPEI Authority Levels?

When you create a new user account on MyPEI you are given one of four authority levels. Higher authority levels have access to all of the features granted to lower levels.  For example, Level 3 users have all of the features granted to Levels 1 and 2.

o Level 1 - Access to company account special pricing.
o Level 2 - Access to Order Status, Shipment Tracking, and Invoice history.
o Level 3 - Ability to order on your company’s account using a credit card.
o Level 4 - Ability to order on your company’s account on Terms (invoicing your company on open account for on-line purchases)

Individuals that create their own MyPEI account are automatically set to level 3 (they can purchase under their username with a credit card).

Levels 1 and 2 have limited access and are set by company request.  For example, a company may want some users to see the company's pricing and part numbers, but they do not allow these users to buy on-line, to view the company's purchase history, or to track shipments.  In this case, the user would be set to to Level 1.  Other users may need to see special pricing and require access to purchase history and shipment tracking, but they are not allowed to buy on-line.  These users would be set to Level 2.

Level 4 is for authorized users that can buy on-line using the company's open account (their Trade account).  These users must have their identity verified prior to being granted Level 4 authority. See the FAQ, "My company already has a PEI-Genesis account. How can I purchase under my Company’s PEI-Genesis Trade Account?" under Getting Started on MyPEI section for more information.