Medical Connectors


In medical applications, connector integrity and reliability are essential to patient well-being. PEI-Genesis assembles standard and custom medical connectors for a variety of devices from the brands you trust, including LEMO, Amphenol Alden, ITT Cannon, Cinch Connectivity, Souriau, Sure-Seal, and Ulti-Mate. Common applications for these medical connectors include patient monitoring, surgical defibrillation, diagnostic imaging, therapeutics, robotics, implantable devices, Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI), digital imaging, electrophysiology catheters, and defibrillators, as well as others.

The industry is evolving, and so are the connectors that support it. As medical devices become increasingly more portable, you need to use smaller and lighter-weight medical connectors. Be sure to check our range of Micro D-Sub, micro-miniature circular and lightweight composite connectors for this use. By combining access to a wide product range with unmatched engineering expertise, PEI-Genesis provides you with a selection of optimized medical connectors that are assembled specifically for your medical application, with no MOQs required.

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