PRECI-DIP Connector Components

PRECI-DIP is one of the world’s leading producers of screw-machined contacts. They combine advanced designs, top materials and unequaled expertise to manufacture interconnect components for precision and performance. From raw materials to finished products, every step of the manufacturing process is under the PRECI-DIP connector component umbrella, ensuring quality production and cutting-edge contacts.

PRECI-DIP’s highly reliable, spring-loaded contacts are designed for an array of demanding industries, including communications, electronics, engineering, lighting, defense and aviation, transportation, and medical and data processing. Their products meet stringent standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, ISO/TS 16949 and MIL-STD 790. These PRECI-DIP connector components are proven to deliver robust performance even in challenging military/aerospace applications, including aircraft, missiles, helicopters and more.

Backed by decades of industry expertise, PEI-Genesis will partner with you to find the right interconnect configuration using PRECI-DIP connector components for your application. Our engineers will work closely with you to solve technical challenges and design a solution for your unique requirements. For full product details, select a PRECI-DIP connector component type below.