Harting - Connector

DIN HB64-048FS-3,0C1-1-Trans.


The range of HARTING Har-bus metric connectors includes backplane-to-PCB as well as cable-to-PCB connectors and are designed for telecommunications, computer, and networking applications. The hard metric har-bus® HM product family in the contact grid of 2.0mm has been developed to meet the requirements of the IEC 61076-4-101 specification and has been specified as the signal connector for the CompactPCI hardware platform. Different male and female connector versions and various accessories are available.

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Specification:iihar/ii-bus 64
Connector Type:Motherboard to daughtercard
Connector Style:Female connector
Contacts, # of:48
Termination Method:Wave soldering termination
Amperage Rating:1 A
Export Class: EAR / EAR99
RoHS: Yes
Weight (lbs): Unknown
Weight (g): Unknown