PRESSURE RANGE 0 3,000 psi


TE Connectivity’s Raychem triple-excruded heat-shrinkable splices and terminals offer durability and high recovery force for superior interfacial pressure. With fewer components, the splices provide quicker installation time as well as a slimmer space-saving profile. The heat-shrinkable splices and terminals meet the requirements for rail and military applications and are compatible with all cable types including PILC, JCN, Windshield, LC Shield, Unishield, and 3/C.

These splices offer excellent versatility and can handle a wide range of high data rate cables and center or end strips for ease of termination. The heat-shrink technology is known for its high-quality reliability and the ability to withstand extremely harsh environments such as pollution and contamination, and has an operating temperature range of -55℃ to +200℃. TE Connectivity’s Raychem splices and terminals are effective, convenient and environmentally durable. Contact PEI-Genesis to learn about TE Connectivity’s Raychem heat-shrinkable splices and terminals.

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