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Conesys Aero-Electric

AE7 31C 31#16 PIN PLUG


Conesys MIL-DTL-26482 connectors (Series II) feature a bayonet coupling design with rear-removable crimp contacts. The Conesys 26482 connector series is suited for the demands of the commercial, aerospace and military industries. Aluminum and stainless steel shells are available, and there are four receptacle-mounting styles offered: narrow flange wall-mounting receptacles, wide flange wall-mounting receptacles, cable-connecting receptacles and jam-nut mounting receptacles. The Conesys 26482 connector series with RFI grounding are also available.

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Sealing:Meets IP67
Connector Type:Circular
Connector Style:Plug
Mounting Type:Cable
Contacts, # of:31
Contact Style:Pin
Termination Method:Crimp
Crimp Wire Gauge:20, 18, 16
Insert Arrangement:24-31
Contact Size:31#16
Contacts Supplied:Yes
Contact Material:Copper alloy
Contact Plating:Gold over nickel
Shell Material:Aluminum
Shell Plating:Olive Drab Cadmium
Shell Color:Olive Drab
Insert Material:Thermoplastic
Grommet & Seals Material:Silicone
Amperage Rating:13A
Operating Voltage AC V RMS Max:850
Operating Temperature °F (°C):-67 to +347 (-55 to +175)
Contact Mating Life:500
Operating Voltage DC:600
Service Rating:I
Export Class: EAR / EAR99
RoHS: No
Weight (lbs): Unknown
Weight (g): Unknown