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TE Connectivity backshells are designed for high performance by providing 360° EMI shielding on the termination area of each individual cable. The 360° design allows installation at various angles such as 30°, 45° and 60° using a single backshell design. TE Connectivity’s backshells offer peak performance by capitalizing on tried and true adapter components, outperforming commonly used alternatives and flexible bending configurations. They are an efficient, cost-effective option with a lightweight design, and they’re easy to repair during operation.

TE Connectivity backshells are engineered to protect connections from mechanical wear, environmental conditions, corrosion, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). With or without the screen termination, the backshells provide long-term high performance for a range of aerospace, military and commercial applications.

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Shell Color:Olive Drab
Operating Temperature °F (°C):-65 to 175 C (-85 to 347 F)
Export Class: EAR / EAR99
RoHS: No
Weight (lbs): 0.06614
Weight (g): 30.00000