Eaton - Souriau Harsh Environment Connectors

PEI-Genesis value-adds Eaton - Souriau connectors, a world leader in the harsh environment interconnect solutions market with a culture of operational excellence.

Eaton designs, manufactures and markets high performance, high reliability interconnect solutions for harsh and rugged environments dedicated to the Aviation/Aerospace, Defense/Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets.

Eaton has a worldwide presence with research centers and production sites in Europe, North America, Mexico, Japan and India.

Eaton - Souriau connectors from PEI-Genesis include military grade options like the Souriau D38999 aerospace line (screw coupling and bayonet designs), as well as the lightweight yet durable 851 Series MIL-DTL-26482 Souriau connectors. Also available is the extremely rugged Push Pull JBX Series, as well as the TRIM TRIO® family of industrial Souriau connectors, comprised of the waterproof UTS, the mixed power & signal UTL, UTO for superior EMI shielding, as well as two multiway options (UTG/SMS).

We offer full custom assembly of Eaton - Souriau harsh environment connectors along with fast shipping and no MOQ.

PEI-Genesis offers full custom assembly of Eaton - Souriau connectors and is a proud authorized partner of the Sunbank line of backshells and other connector accessories.