Souriau TRIM TRIO® Connectors


Souriau TRIM TRIO® connectors provide a common interconnect platform designed for demanding applications in harsh industrial environments. Souriau TRIM TRIO® connector styles include plastic circular, metal circular, high mating cycle, mixed power/signal, and plastic rectangular. All connector styles in the series use the same, uniquely designed, contact technology. A trio of contact types can be used: machined, stamped & formed, and high-speed. This unique feature simplifies your supply chain, reduces the complexity of production and gives you the ability to switch easily from one series to another.

Using this contact technology and based on the same connector design, the UTS, UTG and UTO series are interchangeable and intermateable. The Souriau TRIM TRIO® series also offer the quick-mating 1/3-turn-bayonet coupling system. The UTO is built using zinc and aluminum alloy for full EMI shielding, while the plastic UTS has a waterproof rating to IP68/69K when mated. Also offered are multiway connection options that include the lightweight bayonet UTG.

Souriau TRIM TRIO® also includes the UTL series, a plastic push-pull connector designed to comply with all modern safety standards as well as the rectangular snap-lock SMS Quick Mating panel and cable connector.

The versatile Souriau TRIM TRIO® line is an ideal connection choice for many industrial applications, including automation and control, stage lighting, energy, off road, mining, and railway.