Souriau UTO Trim Trio Series Connectors

Souriau UTO Trim Trio Series Connectors


The Trim Trio connectors line is based on a unique feature of contacts which can be used in several connector shapes. This trio of contacts (machined, stamped & formed, high speed) can be used in a wide range of connectors from plastic to metal shells, from bayonet to push-pull coupling mechanisms, from rectangular to circular connector shells.

Built using zinc and aluminum alloy, stainless steel and brass, the Souriau UTO TRIM TRIO® series attains an IP68/69K rating for fluid resistance when mated. These durable Souriau UTO connectors will maintain a reliable signal even in electromagnetic radiation areas.

  • Metal connector
  • 500 mating cycles
  • 1/3-turn-bayonet coupling
  • UL / IEC qualified
  • Interchangeable/Intermateable with UTG & UTS series*
  • Shielding option

* Souriau UTO product series are conditionally intermateable with the same shell size/layout pattern but IP, Electrical and Mechanical performance may be affected. Souriau cannot guarantee or warranty product performance levels when mated or used in conjunction with non-Souriau product. Panel cut-out dimensions and interchangeability between Souriau and competitor product series not currently validated.
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