Souriau UTS Series TRIM TRIO™ Bayonet Connectors

Souriau UTS Series TRIM TRIO™ Bayonet Connectors


The industrial Souriau UTS series with bayonet coupling and extreme sealing performances is available in 5 shell sizes and 30 insert arrangements. A hi-seal Souriau UTS version is available offering extreme sealing performance in unmated and mated conditions and compatible with MIL-DTL-26482.

The SOURIAU UTS Series utilize a ⅓ twist bayonet coupling system, connectors are mated with an audible click and tactile feel to confirm proper mating and connection which eliminates uncertainty and reduces time and labor during installation. These connectors are ideal for power, mining, railway, automation, instrumentation, telecom and lighting applications.

SOURIAU UTS Series Features and Benefits:

  • No degradation over time
  • Full Plastic connector
  • 250 mating cycle
  • 1/3-turn-bayonet coupling
  • UL / IEC qualified
  • Interchangeable / Intermateable with UTG & UTO series*
  • High resistance to UV and corrosion
  • IP68 / IP69K sealing even in dynamic situations

* Product series connectors are conditionally intermateable with the same shell size/layout pattern but IP, Electrical and Mechanical performance may be affected. Souriau cannot guarantee or warranty product performance levels when mated or used in conjunction with non-Souriau product. Panel cut-out dimensions and interchangeability between Souriau and competitor product series not currently validated.
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