TE Connectivity Connectors

PEI-Genesis is an authorized distributor for TE Connectivity connectors, including DEUTSCH connectors, SEACON WET-CON connectors and Raychem cable accessories. We assemble TE DEUTSCH and SEACON connectors quickly, for fast shipping with no minimum order quantity. Our selection of TE Connectivity connectors includes harsh environment connectors for military, aerospace and industrial applications as well as fully submersible connectors for applications that require underwater mating and unmating.

Military Grade TE DEUTSCH Connectors

DEUTSCH manufactures a wide range of MIL-DTL-38999 connectors designed from both metals and composites. All of these high reliability TE Connectivity connectors feature a high contact density, full EMI/RFI shielding, a simple self locking system, and gold plated scoop proof contacts. MIL-Spec bayonet TE Connectivity connectors are available, including the AFD series 26482 connectors and the MIL-DTL-83723 DL series. All MIL-Spec circular connectors from TE DEUTSCH are rated for use in high-performance applications where reliability is a must, including military/commercial aircraft, high temperature industrial equipment, missiles, and shipboards.

TE Polamco Connectors & Accessories

TE Polamco connectors and accessories are designed to withstand demanding applications in the military, aviation, space, transportation, energy and medical fields. Their components are used in Harness Assemblies worldwide and are qualified to AS9100 Quality Process System standards. PEI offers a wide range of TE Polamco products, including circular and rectangular adapters, heat shrink kits, RJ45 and USB connectors, aerospace adapters and high temperature sleeving.

Submersible SEACON Connectors

TE SEACON connectors are built to offer reliable connections when fully submerged underwater. SEACON connectors are perfect for applications such as underwater lighting and cameras, ROV systems, diver communications and more. PEI_Genesis assembles several SEACON series, including SEACON WET-CON connectors and SEACON 55 Series/Rubber Molded connectors, to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Raychem Cable Protection

PEI-Genesis also offers a huge variety of cable accessories from TE Raychem - backshells, heat-shrinkable molded parts, tubing and solder sleeves are available. Raychem's straight and angled heat-shrinkable boots are designed to create a watertight seal that will meet the requirements for almost any mass-transit, military, and commercial marine application. These boots protect cables in extreme high and low temperature environments, provide environmental sealing and fluid resistance, and protect against mechanical abuse.

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