TE Connectivity Board Level / PCB Connectors

TE Connectivity’s board level connectors provide the durability, reliability, and flexibility to solve performance challenges within a range of applications, including servers, switches, routers and optical transport. They meet the high performance required given the emergence of faster data rates and decreasing signal rise times in commercial applications such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, telecommunications and measurement equipment. Board level connectors have a revolutionary operating speed range from 25 to 56 Gbps and employ the latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology to accommodate high-bandwidth systems and allow for maximum dependability.

TE Connectivity’s high-speed backplane connector offers two compliant pin design options on both daughter card and backplane connectors, maximizing design flexibility and long-term reliability and reducing the average mating force per connector. Because these connectors can meet high-speed requirements, they make it easy to achieve future system upgrades without complete redesigns of your configuration and are ideal for a range of datacom applications, including servers, switches, routers, and optical transport.

TE Connectivity's high-speed backplane connectors and PCB hardware feature high-performance right angle, coplanar and mezzanine interconnects that mate printed circuit boards (PCBs) together. They operate with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little skew, allowing for system flexibility and high design margin and the ability to solve specific performance requirements such as server, switch, router, and optical transport applications.

TE Connectivity’s free height stacking connectors provide locating posts for proper positioning and compatible housing to prevent mismating. This series of pitch connectors provides unrivaled speeds, so they serve a wide range of applications, including high-volume server and storage. They are commonly used in consumer electronics, telecommunications, switches, servers, industrial equipment, instrumentation, and medical equipment.