TE Connectivity Microminiature Connectors

TE Connectivity Microminiature connectors are designed for ruggedness, durability and space and weight savings. They are engineered for use in applications that require high density, reliability and small size requirements. The range of the Microminiature connector product line offers excellent options for meeting an application’s space constraints and addressing other demands, such as for high speed. They can withstand harsh environments with an operating temperature of -55° C to +125° C and provide mechanical strength, with no mechanical or electrical defects after 500 mating cycles.

TE Connectivity Microminiature connectors are designed with twist pin contacts that create low engaging forces. Offering high performance, dependability and reliability with these twist pin and socket designs, the microminiature connectors meet the demands of various markets, including military, space, downhole offshore oil and gas, geophysical exploration, commercial satellites and commercial aerospace.

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