TE Connectivity Microminiature MCDM/MCD Connectors

TE Connectivity MCDM/MCD Connectors


TE Connectivity Microminiature MCDM/MCD connectors are the only connectors that mate with all existing plastic types. They are ideal for external use and other applications requiring frequent disconnect and remating. The metal shell of the MCDM/MCD connector also eliminates the need for retrofitting, which is paramount for durability and reliability.

TE Connectivity Microminiature MCDM/MCD connectors provide maximum dependability along with the ability to withstand harsh environments. They have an operating temperature range of -55° C to +125° C as well as offer contact resistance with long-term durability after 500 mating cycles. MCDM/MCD connectors were originally designed for military applications, but they are also used for commercial use including computers.