TE Connectivity MCE/MCJ Microdot Connectors

TE Connectivity MCE & MCJ Microdot Connectors


TE Connectivity MCE (Plastic Shell Edgeboard) Microdot connectors feature the proven twist pin contact with precision contact alignment for extremely low engaging forces. They offer maximum mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and durability, and can withstand harsh environments with an operating temperature range from -55° C to +125° C. These Microdot connectors are available with as few as 40 contacts and as many as 110. The MCE connectors are designed for commercial applications requiring frequent disconnect and connect, including data recorders and computers.

TE Connectivity MCJ (Jackmate) Microdot connectors are the first twist pin contact assemblies designed to accommodate center jackscrews that provide jacking action when mating and unmating the connectors. They were initially developed for high-density cord-to-cord or in-line applications. The jacking hardware consists of a threaded bushing and a captivated jackscrew, both made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and molded into the jack mate connector insulator. The MCJ Microdot connectors provide contact and corrosion resistance, durability, insulator resistance and the ability to withstand harsh environments. They offer high performance and flexibility, making them an ideal solution for commercial and military applications.