TE Connectivity D-Sub AMPLIMITE Connectors

TE Connectivity D-Sub Amplimite Connectors


TE Connectivity D-Sub AMPLIMITE connectors are a rugged and extremely popular I/O (input/output) connector family used for serial communications, telecom and LAN (local area networks). Standard AMPLIMITE connectors are available in two series: HD-20, which is a standard density D-sub with size 20 contacts, and HD-22, a high-density D-sub with size 22 contacts. Each AMPLIMITE connector series offers 5 different shell sizes, and the shields mate before the contacts. Also available is the .050 Series, which are compact and reliable AMPLIMITE connectors featuring a high-density D-type interface and offering excellent EMI/RFI protection. Featuring .050 x .100 [1.27 x 2.54] contact centerline spacing, .050 AMPLIMITE connectors are available in 20 through 120 positions and is also compatible with SCSI-2, SCSI-3, EIA RS-232, ISO-11569 (for 26-position cable assembly with spring latches), HIPPI, IPI-2 and IEE 802.3 MIL standards.