TE Connectivity Miscellaneous Molded Parts

TE Connectivity Raychem Miscellaneous Molded Parts


TE Connectivity’s Raychem heat-shrinkable molded parts offer the flexibility and toughness needed for electrical insulation, strain-relief, environmental sealing and flame resistance. The molded parts provide a sealant coat that is heat-activated, offering needed durability for secure connections. Featuring a secure environmental seal and an optional IP67 adhesive lining, TE Connectivity’s Raychem molded parts meet a range of environmental requirements. They are able to withstand temperatures as low as -55℃ and up to +135℃, are resistant to hydrocarbon and are well-suited for rail and military applications.

TE Connectivity’s Raychem heat-shrinking molded parts provide durable and secure protection. They are matched tp circuit operating environment, reinstate original performance, vibration dampening, heat-shrinkable, fluid-resistant and temperature resistant. They are the ideal solution for harness and electrical assemblies in a variety of environments and applications. Contact PEI-Genesis to learn about TE Connectivity’s Raychem heat-shrinkable molded parts.