TE Connectivity Commercial Blind Mate RF Connectors

TE Connectivity Commercial Blind Mate RF Connectors


TE Connectivity commercial blind mate RF connectors provide a modular, high-density, RF connection system for high performance. They are a broad bandwidth multi-position series of blind mate RF connectors which can be configured to a customer’s specific requirements. Materials and plating meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-39012.

The commercial blind mate RF connector’s modular design permits application-specific configuration for high RF contact count. The float mounted jack maintains positive RF ground .240 center-to-center spacing, and they are also compatible with Fortis Zd backplane connector systems. These 4 and 8 position modules are designed to meet the requirements of VITA 67.1 and VITA 67.2 as well.

These commercial blind mate RF connectors are the ideal option for a range of industries including wireless applications, consumer devices, appliances, antennas, infotainment systems, autonomous vehicles and telecommunications.

More specific applications include:

  • Backplane/daughter card applications
  • Electronic countermeasure systems
  • Land & sea anti-ballistic signal processing
  • UAV electronic sensing and processing
  • Avionics & ground based radar systems
  • Ground base stations & communication systems
  • Central computing, satellite on-board & ship-board computing

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