TE Connectivity Nano RF Connectors

TE Connectivity Nano RFConnectors


TE Connectivity nano RF connectors double the density of today’s VITA 67 RF modules for VPX embedded computing applications. This high-frequency nano RF connector is engineered with smaller contacts, but higher RF contact density, within a multi-position module. The modules can support 12 to 18 RF contacts, with the option to customize the configuration for specific performance requirements. With blind-mateable, float-mounted backplane contacts, they can support module-to-module or box-to-box architecture. To bring high-frequency capability into a high-density package, these nano RF connectors are optimized for signal integrity and support frequencies up to 70 GHz and reliable mating performance up to 500 mating cycles.

The nano RF connectors are the preferred option for dense RF interconnect systems, electronic countermeasure systems, anti-ballistic signal processing, ground-based radar and satellite on-board or ship-board computing.